October news from Lonestar

Happy Halloween!

October marks the beginning of the holiday season and also pumpkin spice everything. Here at LoneStar it marks the beginnings of Halloween crafts and new decorations going up around the clinic. It also marks the beginning of the staff Halloween door decorating contest! More info below.

A quick note about Covid-19. We are continuing all of our safety and cleaning processes outlined by the CDC. We have child size masks available in the lobby for clients. We are still offering virtual and limited in person parent training. Please reach out to your child’s BCBA for more information in regards to parent training.

Photo and video release forms were sent out last week. Please turn them into the front desk or give them to your child’s therapist as soon as possible.

Client praises, we have so many this week!

-Our newest client to the clinic is getting a big “way to go” for saying hi unprompted for the first time! He also is doing a great job learning to follow directions.

-Another client independently asked “Can I push you on swing please?” we are very excited and proud of him.

-Three cheers for potty training! A client this week used the toilet for the first time!!! Her vocabulary and echoics have increased, and she even began to spontaneously request for preferred items!

-New virtual ABA went well for a client this week.

-One of our clients has independently approaching peers to engage with them in play. She is doing so well!

Happy Halloween! Here at Lonestar we are gearing up for a Spooktacular Halloween party. Friday October 30th we invite you to send your Friday-scheduled child in costume to the clinic as we celebrate with a special trick or treat activity. Friday afternoon clients will have the opportunity to go trick or treating inside clinic in small groups. We will be giving out small toys and trinkets, no edibles will be given out. Staff will also be dressed in costume and there may be some photo opportunities in front of our Halloween themed doors for the clients giving us photo permissions.

Staff Halloween door decorating contest!!! To make our trick or treat a bit more festive the staff will be participating in a door decorating contest. We will be posting the photos on Facebook so make sure you go and check them out and vote for your favorite one!

Community Events!

Autumn at the Arboretum: The Art of the Pumpkin

This outdoor event runs from September 19th through November 1st. It highlights the nationally acclaimed pumpkin village featuring four 20-foot-tall decorated pumpkin houses that were fashioned from more than 90,000 pumpkins. You can purchase tickets on their website for $17 for adults and $12 for kids up to age 12. https://www.dallasarboretum.org/events-activities/autumn-at-the-arboretum/

We are on social media! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures and events.

Published on October 15, 2020