At LoneStar Autism Solutions, we see potential in every child.

With methods grounded in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) research, we teach our learners important skills they need to succeed at every stage of development. These methods are based on using motivation and positive reinforcement to direct the child’s efforts toward adaptive abilities and behaviors.

  • Behavior Assessment and Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy (ABA)

    We use informal parent interviews, formal standardized assessments, and direct observations to assess the skills and needs of your child.

    We then work with you to create an individualized treatment plan that will assist your child in the development of communication, play, school readiness, independent living, and social skills while working to reduce problem behaviors. We use evidence-based practices to understand how your child best learns and behaves in his/her environment, and then work to help them learn new skills and behaviors.

  • Early Intervention Services

    If your child is under 3 years old and is at-risk for developmental delays, we have you covered. We focus on increasing behaviors that connect your child to his/her environment and foster natural learning and growth.

  • Parent Training

    We provide ongoing parent training to support confidence in teaching and interacting with your child as well as faster skill acquisition and generalization to the home and community settings.

  • ARD Support / School Consults

    We can attend and provide guidance regarding your child’s IEP as well as conduct behavioral consults in the school.

  • Full Spectrum Services

    We provide optional supplemental services such as speech and occupational therapy at our clinic, allowing ease of service and professional collaboration. We also offer related consultation or training on autism and similar conditions for other professionals.

Lonestar Solutions in affiliation with Cleveland Clinic Children's' Center for Autism

Lonestar Autism Solutions is proud to be affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Autism to provide behavior intervention services with a focus on children affected by autism spectrum disorder. The Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism has been a national leader since 1998, continually doing research to identify causes and advance treatments for autism spectrum disorders.