December News


We hope that everyone had a fantastic and safe Thanksgiving. Christmas time is approaching as is the colder weather. Please keep vigilant for any symptoms of illness so we can keep everyone as healthy as possible. We still have child size masks available in the lobby for clients, as well as masks for adults. BCBAs are still offering virtual and limited in person parent training.

Upcoming dates to keep in mind: Our office will also be closed the 24th and 25th of December in observance of Christmas and the 31st of December and 1st of January in observance of New Years.

Client Praises!!

  • One client completed his entire handwashing routine 100% independently for the first time!
  • A client mastered out of brushing their teeth. They have been working on this skill for a long time and we are so proud of them!
  • Another client has been doing an amazing job of increasing their language skills. He said “jump” to request to go to the trampoline and when the therapist wasn’t moving fast enough for him he said “come on!” Way to go using your words!
  • This client did and amazing job at signing spontaneously for “all done” when she was ready to leave the room. She also signed “all done” for when she wanted to stop certain tasks and when she was done eating her food. This was the first time without a therapist modeling it for her! Such great progress!!!
  • We are exceedingly proud of this kiddo. He was able to make an R and E sound!

Community Event

Radiance Light Drive thru
Gather the family and sip a cup of hot chocolate as you marvel at two million lights, animated to the tunes of your favorite holiday classics from the safety and comfort of your car!​Enjoy the wonder of RADIANCE! A Holiday Light Spectacular, at Frisco, Decatur, or Weatherford, or gather your friends and experience all three. This year Christmas comes early! Celebrate the season and make lasting memories in our COVID-SAFE, family-fun environments, starting on Veterans Day, November 11 through January 3rd. $30 per vehicle.

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Published on December 23, 2020