July News for LoneStar Solutions

Our next parent meeting is Wednesday July 18th (4:45pm-7:00pm) at LoneStar Solutions. The program will be “OT: Fine Motor Fun”, presented by Anna Kimberly, OT. Anna is the Occupational Therapist who comes to LoneStar Solutions to deliver OT services to clients during their ABA day. She works for At Home Healthcare. The meetings are free and open to others interested in autism, even if they do not have children attending this clinic. If others want to find out about services from At Home Pediatrics, they can be contacted at 817-810-0411. Anna is open to seeing other children at LoneStar Solutions as well. Please RSVP to Kathleen Lively at 817-265-2344 if you would like to attend the meeting.

We have openings for ABA services at LoneStar Solutions starting in mid-August. Please contact Kathleen Lively at 817-265-2344.

We have the assistance this summer of one social work intern from University of Texas at Arlington. April Townsend is working with director Kathleen Lively at LoneStar Solutions site. One project is a satisfaction survey. LoneStar Solutions parents are encouraged to complete the online survey that was emailed to them.

Kathleen Lively was able to attend the Future Horizons conference in Addison on June 15, 2018. It was a great program with Dr.Temple Grandin and Anita Lesko both speaking, who are adults with autism. Both are professionals who tell their stories. The other speaker was Paula Aquilla, OT, another well-known professional, from Canada. Anyone dealing with autism in the family should look into reading books written by Temple Grandin and/or Anita Lesko. Attend a program if they come again to this area. Watch the HBO movie “Temple Grandin”, made in 2010, if you have not seen it. Listen to the commentary on the DVD as well, to hear much more from Temple on the scenes in the movie, which she says were accurate on her life. She is reportedly the first person to widely talk about the her experience growing up with autism, and how people with autism often see the world. Future Horizons is a publisher of books and magazines on autism. They are located here in Arlington. Check out their website. LoneStar Solutions has a library of books donated by Future Horizons, which can be borrowed.

Have a great 4th of July Holiday!

Published on June 28, 2018