School Has Started Equals More Spaces

August 24th, 2018

It is late August and lots of children are attending school again. We have some new space for additional children, since some of the older children who were here in summer are back at school part time. Please get in touch with Kathleen Lively, 817-522-5052, to discuss your interest in ABA services.

After a busy summer, the turn-around time for intakes and service starting is now just a few days.

Our staff and families will be a walk team at the Autism Speaks Walk on 9/16/18 in Ft. Worth. We will be glad to hear from any others who would like to come on the walk that day and/or contribute to the fund raising goal for Autism Speaks.

We would like to brag on our staff:

  • All have a Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree in a human service field.
  • We have some bi-lingual staff, in Spanish or Arabic. One also has Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.
  • Some staff are in graduate school part-time, pursuing farther training in this field.
  • Staff turn over is minimal.  Some staff cycle through as summer or part time staff.  New staff hired are mainly here due to expansion.
  • BCBA is on-site every day and meets with each family monthly.  Access to BCBA is easy to set up on other days.


July News for LoneStar Solutions

June 28th, 2018

Our next parent meeting is Wednesday July 18th (4:45pm-7:00pm) at LoneStar Solutions. The program will be “OT: Fine Motor Fun”, presented by Anna Kimberly, OT. Anna is the Occupational Therapist who comes to LoneStar Solutions to deliver OT services to clients during their ABA day. She works for At Home Healthcare. The meetings are free and open to others interested in autism, even if they do not have children attending this clinic. If others want to find out about services from At Home Pediatrics, they can be contacted at 817-810-0411. Anna is open to seeing other children at LoneStar Solutions as well. Please RSVP to Kathleen Lively at 817-265-2344 if you would like to attend the meeting.

We have openings for ABA services at LoneStar Solutions starting in mid-August. Please contact Kathleen Lively at 817-265-2344.

We have the assistance this summer of one social work intern from University of Texas at Arlington. April Townsend is working with director Kathleen Lively at LoneStar Solutions site. One project is a satisfaction survey. LoneStar Solutions parents are encouraged to complete the online survey that was emailed to them.

Kathleen Lively was able to attend the Future Horizons conference in Addison on June 15, 2018. It was a great program with Dr.Temple Grandin and Anita Lesko both speaking, who are adults with autism. Both are professionals who tell their stories. The other speaker was Paula Aquilla, OT, another well-known professional, from Canada. Anyone dealing with autism in the family should look into reading books written by Temple Grandin and/or Anita Lesko. Attend a program if they come again to this area. Watch the HBO movie “Temple Grandin”, made in 2010, if you have not seen it. Listen to the commentary on the DVD as well, to hear much more from Temple on the scenes in the movie, which she says were accurate on her life. She is reportedly the first person to widely talk about the her experience growing up with autism, and how people with autism often see the world. Future Horizons is a publisher of books and magazines on autism. They are located here in Arlington. Check out their website. LoneStar Solutions has a library of books donated by Future Horizons, which can be borrowed.

Have a great 4th of July Holiday!

June at LoneStar Solutions

June 6th, 2018

Take a look at our article in the ARLINGTON TODAY magazine, the June 2018 issue. We are featured in an article on page 32, entitled “Addressing Autism.” The monthly magazine issues can be viewed online at Find out more about us.

Our monthly parent meeting is on June 20th, Wednesday, from 4:45pm-7:00pm. These meetings are free and open to others interested in autism, not only for those whose children are enrolled in our clinic. The topic in June is Family Emotional Health, and speakers are Licensed Professional Counselors Debbie Thornton and Lisa Haram-Atkinson. Both work with autism/families touched by autism, within their general counseling practices in Ft. Worth. Call Kathleen at 817-522-5052 to RSVP, and to say if you will need child care during the meeting.

Summer is here and with it, we are busy, but have a few times open for additional children to attend. Contact us to see if we can meet your need. 817-522-5052.

May Events at LoneStar Solutions

May 3rd, 2018

We are sharing information about Chuck E Cheese’s Sensory Sensitivity Sunday on 5/6/18, at the Grapevine location (Grapevine Mills Mall: 2755 E Grapevine Mills C, Grapevine< TX) from 9am-11am. We will be there and hope it is a family meet-up event for LoneStar Solutions families and for others with children on the spectrum. Come meet us there.

On Wednesday May 16th is our monthly open family meeting, at our clinic at 1112 E. Copeland Road, Suite 310, Arlington TX 76013. We meet 4:45pm to 7pm. The program will be on Music with Your Child. Rachel Leatherman will present an interactive program for children and parents. LoneStar Solutions families, and others interested or effected by autism, are welcome to come. Potential new families may come. Please RSVP to Kathleen Lively 817-522-5052 to let us know you will come, or call with any questions.

April 28th

April 24th, 2018

The family Meet and Greet will be this Saturday April 28, at the First Baptist Church of Mansfield, 1800 E Broad St. in Mansfield. There is an indoor play area where we will be meeting. This is open to local families with children who have autism, even if not working with LoneStar Solutions. All LoneStar Solutions families may come. The time is from 4pm to 6pm. Please RSVP to Kathleen Lively at 817-522-5052. Come meet and talk with other families, while kids play.

Today, April 24th, Kathleen Lively and Jessica Smith, BCBA, will be on local blog talk radio: TEXAS TALK LIVE WITH LEZLEE. Find this on or  You can listen to us live at 12:10pm today or archived after today’s show on this site.



April Events at LoneStar Solutions

March 30th, 2018

We have several activities in April, beyond our ABA services.

On April 18th, from 4:45pm-7:00pm, our monthly parent meeting will be at the clinic, 1112 E. Copeland Rd. Suite 310, in Arlington.  Our program will be by our speech therapist who is with Jump Start speech, Kaitlin Bednarz, MS,CF-SLP and her supervisor Lauren Roe, MS, CCC-SLP. Kaitlin comes to LoneStar Solutions to do 1:1 speech therapy with children whose parent desire it. The topic is how to enhance communication with and by your child.

As always this program is open to other parents/families beyond our current clients’ families. Call Kathleen Lively, 817-522-5052 to RSVP.

Other dates: April 28th from 4pm to 6pm is our LoneStar Solutions Meet and Play date at the First Baptist Church of Mansfield.  Come socialize with other parents while the kids play on the large indoor play-scape.  More details later in April, but please tell families you know that this is open to all with kids on the spectrum in this area.  We do need RSVP’s to Kathleen by April 20th.

April 28th in the morning, we will walk with others at the Hatching Hope Foundation Steps for Autism Walk in Keist Park in Dallas.  One of our children has a Team walking and we support her and all kids and families.

April 2, 8:30am-6:30pm, is an event at UNT Health Sciences Center in Ft. Worth. April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day, in Medical Education &Training Building Room 109.   The free information fair is topical tables for discussion, a panel discussion, and happy hour.  See

April 3, 4pm-8:30pm: We will have a table at the Making Connections Disability Resource Fair in Colleyville.  This is organized by the IDD Council of Tarrant Co, and is occurring at the Grapevine-Colleyville Professional Development & Education Center, 5800 Colleyville Blvd., Colleyville 76034. Come say hello if you are attending this event.

Activities and Events

March 12th, 2018

This week, we have a book fair at LoneStar Solutions, on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, 3/14 and 3/15. If books are sold, we receive free books for our ABA clinic. Call Kathleen Lively at 817-522-5052 for more on the book fair.

Next week, on 3/21 from 4:45-7:00pm, we have our monthly parent meeting. Visiting parents are welcome. This meeting will be on “Using Art to Assist in Connecting with Your Child.” Current children and parents will do a guided painting activity during the meeting, and there will be presentation to parents after the activity. RSVP to Kathleen Lively.

New Options for In-School ABA !!

March 2nd, 2018

LoneStar Solutions is working with a well-established private school in Arlington to allow children to have ABA while at this school, whether enrolled in that school or not. Please contact Kathleen Lively at 817-522-5052 to discuss your child and what might work to give this inclusion opportunity. Ages can be 2 years old to 6th grade level.

Our Great Staff

February 6th, 2018

At LoneStar Solutions, we have a great set of staff, who are working daily to teach and train their 1:1 assigned children.  Workers are dedicated to engaging the child in learning skills that are on the treatment plan, and in keeping the family informed each day in written and verbal form on the progress. Teams of staff work together to keep ideas fresh.  Our BCBA is on site and sees each child to bring further direction to the programming. Our goal is to help the child progress in needed life areas, and translate this to home and community. Over a dozen staff are working with children.

Our ABA program has operated for over 8 years, and we have the expertise to call on for meeting the needs of many types of children.

Our next family group meeting and training is on Wednesday 2/21/18, from 4:45 to 7:00 in the evening.  Parents not already working with LoneStar Solutions are welcome. Contact us at 817-265-2344 for more information.




Meeting Us

January 29th, 2018

This week, we will have an exhibitor table at the FEAT-NT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment-North Texas) conference, Feb 1 and 2, at the Hurst Conference Center. Come by and meet the director Kathleen Lively and the BCBA Jessica Smith, if you are attending this conference.

At other times, please call Kathleen Lively, 817-522-5052, if you want to see our center and/or discuss services. We do have some current openings in morning and afternoon sessions at LoneStar Solutions ABA in Arlington.